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    Autonomous Republic of Northern Epirus


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    Autonomous Republic of Northern Epirus

    Post  Mr007 on Mon 28 Feb 2011, 2:06 pm

    Autonomous Republic of Northern Epirus
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    For a general view on history, geography, demographics and political issues concerning the region, see Northern Epirus.
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    Αυτόνομος Δημοκρατία της Βορείου Ηπείρου
    Aftónomos Dimokratía tis Voríou Ipíru
    Autonomous[1] Republic of Northern Epirus
    Independence under provisional, unrecognized status:
    Febr. 28-May 17
    Autonomy (unimplemented) under nominal Albanian sovereignty:
    May 17-October 27

    1914 →

    Flag Seal
    Capital Argyrokastron
    Language(s) Official: Greek,
    Secondary: Albanian[2]
    Religion Eastern Orthodox
    Government Provisional
    President Georgios Christakis-Zografos
    - Declaration of Independence February 28, 1914
    - Protocol of Corfu May 17, 1914
    - 2nd Greek Administration October 27, 1914
    - 1913 6,444 km2 (2,488 sq mi)
    - 1913 est. 228,000
    Density 35.4 /km2 (91.6 /sq mi)

    The Autonomous Republic of Northern Epirus (Greek: Αυτόνομος Δημοκρατία της Βορείου Ηπείρου, Aftónomos Dimokratía tis Voreíou Ipeírou) was a short-lived, self-governing entity founded on February 28, 1914, in the aftermath of the Balkan Wars, by the Greeks living in southern Albania (Northern Epirotes).

    The area, known as "Northern Epirus" to Greeks and with a substantial Greek population, was taken by the Greek Army during the First Balkan War (1912–1913). The Protocol of Florence however, had assigned it to the newly established Albanian state. This decision was rejected by the local Greeks, and as the Greek army withdrew to the new border, an autonomous government was set up at Gjirokastër, under the leadership of Georgios Christakis-Zografos, a distinguished local Greek politician and former Minister of Foreign Affairs, and with tacit support from Greece.[3]

    In May the autonomy was confirmed by the Great Powers with the Protocol of Corfu. The agreement ensured that the region would have its own administration, recognized the rights of the local population and provided self government under nominal Albanian sovereignty. However, it was never implemented because in August the Albanian government collapsed. In the event, the Greek Army re-occupied the area after the outbreak of World War I (October 1914). Northern Epirus was slated to be ceded to Greece following the war, but the withdrawal of Italian support and Greece's defeat in the Asia Minor Campaign resulted in its final cession to Albania in November 1921.[4] In 1925 Albania's borders were fixed by the Protocol of Florence and Greece abandoned any claim regarding Northern Epirus.[5]
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